Why Both Switching Over to Winter Tires?

December 6th, 2017 by

With winter creeping closer and closer each day, it’s a good idea to start thinking about swapping out your car’s current tires for a winter set. All-season tires can get the job done in more temperate climates, but here in Colorado, winter is anything but kind. For your safety and the safety of others, we encourage you to visit our service center if you need winter tires near Denver.

Why do I need winter tires?
In general, brand new all-season tires are about as effective on snowy, icy road conditions as half-worn snow tires when it comes to providing adequate handling and traction. Of course, by that logic, half-worn all-seasons are fairly useless in winter and won’t provide you with the extra control you need to safely navigate nasty weather. Winter tires improve traction, handling, and stopping power in winter that all-season or other types of tires can’t supply.

How are winter tires different?
Winter tires use specialized wide tread patterns designed to give you more traction in snow or on ice. They also use a different, softer kind of rubber that helps them grip the road. This is not only helpful on ice and snow, but in frigid weather and on cold pavement as well.

Can’t I just keep winter tires on all year?
No. Wider tread and softer rubber will wear down fast in summer, making them ill-suited for warm-weather driving. This is both a safety hazard and a money sink, so it’s best to switch them back when winter is over.

I need help finding winter tires near me
Don’t worry! We can help you find affordable winter tires so you can tackle winter with confidence. You can even rely on us to install them for you. Schedule service today so we can help you prepare!

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