Schomp Subaru Earns 2022 DealerRater Colorado Consumer Satisfaction Award for High-Quality Customer Experience

February 4th, 2022 by

Across Colorado, Schomp Subaru is one of the best-reviewed by Subaru Shoppers.


Schomp Subaru has been awarded a 2022 Consumer Satisfaction Award by DealerRater, a leading car dealer review and reputation management platform and company of Inc. (NYSE: CARS). The Consumer Satisfaction Award recognizes auto dealerships across the U.S. and Canada that are evaluated first-hand by shoppers and report outstanding customer satisfaction in their reviews in their state. 


Top-reviewed dealers engage in digital-first services.


Home delivery and virtual appointments were powerful drivers of positive reviews in 2021. Winning dealers who offered these services scored on average a 97% positive review rate, nearly 5 percentage points higher than dealers without.


The Consumer Satisfaction Awards indicate the value car shoppers place on dealers’ adaptability to provide the very best service even when the industry is challenged by inventory shortages and increased car prices.


Schomp Subaru wants to show you that you are in the driver’s seat. Through our 75-plus year history, our innovation has had one central focus – you. We’re a company that can be counted on to innovate and improve the customer experience. With the recent worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 and the regulations requiring social distancing and shelter in place mandates, we’ve launched an online auto-buying service to adapt to this new environment. allows you to go through the entire vehicle purchase process online from the comfort of home. Our team of Client Advisors is standing by to assist you remotely, with the convenience of a few clicks.


Successful dealers engage with customers, a critical component to their success. 


The digital engagement of employees at dealerships proved especially critical this past year as car shoppers conducted the bulk of their research and vehicle purchases online. Award-winning dealers on average responded to customer reviews over five times more frequently than non-winning dealers. Dealers that go above and beyond traditionally respond within 24 hours. 


Who Will Receive a Consumer Satisfaction Award?

For all dealers that meet the above criteria, a PowerScore will be calculated based on the dealer’s performance on DealerRater over the previous calendar year. A percentage of the top-performing dealers, based on their PowerScore, will receive the award. A dealer’s PowerScore is based on its average star rating and the number of reviews. We use a Bayesian algorithm to determine an eligible dealer’s PowerScore. This score is then weighted against DealerRater site averages. Effectively, this means that the winning dealership must score highly on both review volume and average rating. Simply having the most reviews, or conversely having the highest average rating on a small number of reviews, is not enough to guarantee that a dealership has the highest PowerScore.


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