Love Makes This the Warmest Season

December 5th, 2019 by

It’s often said, “The good you do comes back to you.” We here at Schomp Subaru know that’s true.  

Make-A-Wish Foundation asked us to help with Ryan, who has a debilitating muscle disease. Ryan’s wish was to have his much-loved car restored. Schomp Subaru made his wish come true.


Ryan’s parents thanked us:

Schomp Subaru went above and beyond all of our expectations. The team at Schomp Subaru completely disassembled Ryan’s car, corrected all the hail dents, installed new fenders and repainted Ryan’s car. They installed new weather stripping around the doors, as well as new heads, and resealed the engine. Schomp Subaru also went through the braking system to make it safe and reliable. When it came to the interior, they installed the seats Ryan had dreamed of, along with new carpet, a new back seat and stereo system. Rims and tires were also added to bring it all together. … They were outstanding with their workmanship, professionalism and everyone working together.

 We forwarded the letter to compete in Subaru’s monthly “Love Promise Community Commitment” story awards for October. Each monthly winner is personally chosen by Subaru North America’s CEO, and we won!

 Click HERE to view all photos from our reveal!

It’s wonderful to see how our commitment to community has come back to us.


Here’s another way we help:

Schomp Subaru participates in Subaru’s annual Share the Love® event. For 11 years Subaru and Subaru dealers have given millions to national and hometown charities. Every new Subaru sold gives your selected charity a $250 donation. Learn more at


This year our hometown beneficiaries are the Young Americans Center for Financial Education and Arapahoe Community College.


Make an impact and treat yourself to the Subaru you’ve wanted all year. The window closes January 2, 2020.