Tower Gardens Project Benefiting Aurora Mental Health Center

As a part of the annual Subaru Loves The Earth initiative, this year Schomp Subaru partnered with three Aurora Mental Health Center facilities to build a collection of vertical Tower Gardens on site. We worked closely with Altius Farms in the RiNo District to source and plant a variety of leafy greens, vegetables and herbs benefiting the patients, staff and visitors of Aurora Mental Health Center.


Green Spaces Volunteer Day

This activity happened April 26, 2021. Volunteers helped with the assembly of multiple Tower Garden units, worked with the non-profit community to plant the seedlings in the Tower Gardens and interacted with the community at the facilities.

The Leversee Center
1290 Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80011
The Stith Center
791 Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80011
Galena Center
1504 Galena Street
Aurora, CO 80010

Subaru Loves The Earth

One of the many ways our retailers are connected to our communities and their local natural spaces is through our Subaru Loves the Earth Initiative. Preserving the environment for future generations and showing our love by giving back, it’s one more reason why Subaru is more than a car company.

Subaru Of America understands its responsibility to the global environment, society at large, our customers, our distribution network, and our employees. From becoming the first and only U.S. auto plant to be designated a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation to our ongoing zero-landfill partnership with the National Parks, Subaru is dedicated to preserving the natural world.

Aurora Mental Health Center

One in five Americans will have a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year, and half of us will experience a mental health challenge at some time in our lives. For more than 40 years, Aurora Mental Health Center has used proven programs to help people achieve better mental health. They also provide education that enables people to maintain their emotional health regardless of the personal challenges they encounter in life.

Locally and nationally recognized for excellence, their staff provides individual, group, and family counseling, as well as consultation and educational services that focus on prevention and wellness. In many cases, their treatments empower patients and families to take steps toward recovery and enjoy a healthier, more productive lifestyle.

Tower Gardens

Tower Garden is an aeroponic growing system that provides an easy way to grow fresh, healthy produce at home – indoors or out, year-round. Tower Gardens require no weeding, no soil, and best of all, no gardening experience! We chose to partner with Tower Gardens for this initiative because we share the belief that good personal and environmental health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods.

Tower Gardens are perfect for homes and facilities that don’t have a lot of available space or the ideal outdoor growing conditions. Their vertical, compact design and closed-loop system technology requires as little as 10% of the space and water you’d use with traditional growing. So you can grow your own healthy food in a way that’s also healthier for the environment.

Altius Farms

Altius Farms’ mission is to build stable and lasting farms that produce beautiful greens and produce locally grown year-round. Located in Denver’s RiNo Art District, they are the highest (elevation) vertical aeroponic farm in the US and one of the largest. Their farms serve as OJT sites for Veterans and urban youth.

Altius Farms integrates multiple “green” technologies, which put us at the forefront of modern agriculture in growing beautiful, leafy greens and herbs. Vertical aeroponics are critical to our future food production as they use only 5% of the water and 10% of the land compared to traditional farming and produce 10x the average yield.

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