Congratulations to Subaru Star Michael Berkowitz

June 1st, 2022 by

The Subaru Star program is designed to recognize Subaru Retail employees and share their success stories with the rest of the Retailer network. This recognition celebrates the Subaru Star’s accomplishments, tells their story from their perspective, and focuses on their exemplary behavior in categories such as Professionalism, Customer Focus, Sales/Process Focus and Community Involvement.


What can the hospitality industry teach us about selling cars? Quite a lot. The highly competitive, multi-billion-dollar industry produces volumes of lessons about how to create memorable experiences, determine customers’ preferences, and build loyalty. There’s a reason so many hospitality veterans go on to excel at Subaru Retailers: they use that knowledge to create welcoming, personalized buying experiences that people feel good about and want to repeat.

Case in point: Michael Berkowitz. Over the past 20 months, he’s achieved great results by applying his 14 years of experience in food and beverage and hospitality management to his role as a Senior Client Advisor at Schomp Subaru in Aurora, Colorado.

“One reason I’ve succeeded at this is because hospitality is my heart. That is what’s most important to me. As long as you act with intention, you get out what you put in.”

After Covid-19 disrupted Michael’s career path in F&B, an opportunity caught his attention at Schomp Subaru. “How Schomp does business is what drew me to them. I did a lot of research on their organization and their philosophy.” Michael decided to apply and was hired onto the team in the summer of 2020. While the role was new to him, the industry was not totally unfamiliar due to his past experiences in Ohio. And Michael soon found his hospitality background gave him a great springboard into his new job.

“My passion for service and learned experiences were easily applied to my role. [I found out] I could use my background to create memorable experiences within the car buying process and make the sale seem less transactional.”


The right environment is key to finding success. Michael found his right environment at Schomp and credited the Retailer for how they do business. “We’re very transparent and honest, which is why I take extreme pride in every sale I make,” said Michael.

While many customers are excited to get a new vehicle, the truth is that some are not. Michael shared some insight about customizing his approach and how his hospitality experience comes into play in those situations.

“I’m used to seeing people in a hotel for various reasons, often personal. There are people who want to be there and people who don’t want to be there,” said Michael. He said the same things can apply to customers—somebody may have been in an accident and lost a vehicle they had no intention of giving up. Having that experience of talking to people who each have their own unique story helps tailor the approach and earn customers’ trust.

“The most important part of the job is not in selling a car, but in building relationships with people. There have been many times where the timing or inventory is just not right. Because of the relationship and trust created with the guest, they have reached out at a later time, reached out to buy a second car, a car for their kid, or recommended me to their friends and family.”

Michael is also a Star to Schomp because of how well he reflects our Core Values in his daily work. Michael is a prime example of what an Adaptable and Empathetic team member looks like at Schomp.

Congratulations Michael on being the May 2022 Subaru Star!